Rent on Time

We Guarantee landlords rent on time, every time!

At Donald Ross, we strive to offer you a world class service.

We can now offer landlords cutting edge, innovative products and our rent on time package is uniquely available at Donald Ross Residential. What's more it's an integral part of our management package so if your tenants pay late you do not need to worry - it's our problem, not yours!

No worries and no hassle. We take care of everything for you so there is no risk of rental arrears and you are paid your rent on time every time. Even if you tenant continually fails to pay the rent, we continue to pay you no matter what. We handle all communication with the tenant and any dispute resolution costs including securing court orders, where necessary.

What is Rent on Time?

  • A rent collection service
  • Guaranteed rent to the Landlord!
  • Rent paid regardless of whether the tenant pays or not
  • No risk of rental arrears
  • Guaranteed cash flow
  • Enables safe management of finances
  • Legal expense cover
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